for L.A. City Council, CD 1

Born and raised in the Pico Union community, Giovany is the son of Salvadoran immigrants who came to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s. His parent have operated a family owned business in the Pico Union community for almost 30 years, where he spent his childhood working until he left to college. Giovany is a first generation college graduate; he attended U.C. Santa Cruz, where he studied Political Science.

Giovany has always been involved in community work at every stage of his life. After graduating from college, Giovany worked and served his community working as a children’s social worker, a labor organizer, educational advocate, and currently as a parent organizer to improve our public education for all children everywhere. Giovany is running for City Council because he believes it is imperative that the community has a genuine representative in City Hall that has a real world perspective of the beauty, diversity, challenges and potential of our community.

Giovany is very honored for the opportunity to prove that young adults want and can make a real difference in our communities.


Paid for by Giovany Hernandez for City Council 2017, P.O. Box 70308, Los Angeles, CA 90070. Additional information is available at - FPPC # 139035