for L.A. City Council, CD 1


gio on the issues

Below are some of Gio's stances on major issues facing his district, Los Angeles, the country and the world at large.



- Freeze on rent increases.

- Moratorium on unjust evictions through the Ellis Act.

- Transit-oriented development for EVERYONE, not just those that can afford it.

- Halt on spot zoning for luxury housing units.

- Inclusive housing policies.

- Rent stabilization ordinance reform.

- Fighting the effects of gentrification and for a balanced development for ALL.


- Provide better outreaching to small business owners in relation to existing city programs that can help strengthen and protect small businesses.

- Protect small businesses from being priced out (commercial gentrification) that leads to the closing down of mom-and-pop stores and ethnic small businesses in some neighborhoods.

- Preserving small businesses in one of the few cities in the world

with such a wide cultural diversity.

- Ensure that more contracting bids go to local businesses to create more

local jobs.


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- Take a more aggressive stance as a city to improve our public education system through more collaboration with our school districts to not just be a city with the second largest school district in the country, but one of the best in this nation.

- Invest in vocational programs:

      a.) The reality is that a four year college route is not for everyone and           we need to equip our youth with skills and trades that will contribute to       our economy and provide the next generation of workers with stable           and livable wages.

      b.) Vocational programs can also be implemented as a rehabilitative               program to also reintroduce our homeless population back in to the             workforce as a long term solution to our homelessness problem. This           can only be done through partnerships with all stakeholders.

- Develop an emergency disaster response plan in conjunction with LAFD, law enforcement, neighborhood councils, The Red Cross and residents/community leaders trained in CERT.

- On the ground leadership, presence and bridge building:

      a.) Put altruism and people first in our local politics, not profits and               special interest groups.

      b.) Unite residents, CBO’s, the business community, labor, school                   districts, local officials, county and state governments and other                   stakeholders to create collective solutions for a better Los Angeles.


- Be a champion in leading the way for a greener LA using clean, alternate energy sources.

- Ensure all city property converts to operating on solar energy.

- Rapid expansion of LADWP’s Feed-in Tariff program to create more local jobs and stray away from a dependence on electricity from coal-fired plants.

- Stricter oversight on natural gas wells and oil refineries to mitigate spills.

- Continued advocacy for the revitalization of the L.A. River.

- Spearhead a collaborative recycling program with LAUSD to mitigate the

waste of paper and plastic bottles that takes place in over 1,200 schools in

Los Angeles.


- Pedestrian represent more than one-third of traffic deaths in Los Angeles County, a rate higher than the national average.

      a.) Work for more visible crosswalks, repairs of our         sidewalks, school zone signage, new traffic signals       lacking in dangerous intersections, more bike lanes,       and address mobility concerns that exist for our             physically impaired population.

- Aggressive graffiti removal program.

- Work closely with our law enforcement agency, neighborhood watch groups and neighborhood councils to mitigate the rise in assaults, robberies, and gang activity in the district.


- Promote and support more athletic/physical activity programs particularly for our youth.

- Revitalize/create more community spaces especially in some of our more dense communities.

- Protect/maintain our public parks and spaces so that our residents have safe outdoor spaces to be physically active.

- Create sustainable, organic community gardens in some of our lowest income areas.

-A ban on GMO’s

-Work on the ground with our constituents and city services to have cleaner streets.

-Promote dialogue in the community and resources for mental health

services in our community.

Governance Style

- Restore faith and trust in politics through actions and leading by example.

- Transparent and open-doors policy.

- Rotating monthly Listening Tours in the district for the entirety of the term elected.

- Authentic, genuine, and inclusive representation for ALL.


-Vow continued implementation of our state and local officials' stance to protect our most vulnerable, law abiding immigrant populations through the sanctuary city status, provide legal representation for low-income immigrant families, and not allow the use of local law enforcement as a vehicle to target and separate families.


Paid for by Giovany Hernandez for City Council 2017, P.O. Box 70308, Los Angeles, CA 90070. Additional information is available at - FPPC # 139035